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Year Long Contest Reminder! Also features entries

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 1, 2014, 9:25 AM

I accidentally deleted my last journal with all the characters invovled. Oops! But I did need to resestablish what is going on with everyone. 

For a period of one year running from April 9th 2014 to April 9th 2015 there is a contest in which you draw or color (using lineart I made) or depict my characters that are below. You can even do stories, poems, or even songs if you are so inclind. The point is to draw as much as you can, but there are other things I will also have prizes for. Such as the best picture quality, a three month membership will be awarded. We will also have prizes for the most characters, the most creative, and each will get a one month membership. The big prize is of course the year membership, I am also going to have a journal posted monthly or bi monthly depicting Artists who have already entered and the drawings they did for my characters and one of their own.

So the rules are below, and simple,

Art work entered must not be posted before 04/09/2014

Art work cannot be stick figures in huge postinging numbers so that you can 'win' the contest is to show the artists efforts to. But that does not mean you have to be perfect at drawing.

Art Work cannot contain sex, nudity, or violence of an extreme nature. It can however depict say Isabelle with bare shoulders insinuating nudity or sexuality but not explicitly showing.

If Art work is from one of my linearts you have to tell me in your description and have a link to qualify.

Those who enter must send me notes from now on with links to their pictures and a subject line that reads 'Contest Entery"

So without further adu here are the characters once more! I will give you a brief description of personality and then show you their pictures.

First will be :

Michelle Bowen, believe it or not I do have a character named after me, she is in a story called Mirror of the Soul. I am placing her here because of the fact that I loved her design and I would love to see you guys attempt her. PLus she's one of my plump characters who I want to get out there more.  Anyways she's shy and sweet and sarcastic, but she has a good heart, and tries hard to help others. She is insecure and doesn't believe she is beauitufl despite what others tell her. She is a Christian like me.  She has a love interest named Julienne we later renamed him Marcus. He is kind hearted in the end but he starts out pompus and because of his issues with attitude he and his brothers are cursed. He is a honey bee in the day time and a man at night. 

He is more bulky than he appears in these pictures. So feel free to fill him out a bit mroe teddy bear like. I love for instance the Baker from Anastasia's love interest in Cinderella 2. Or even the original concept for Flynn Rider who was going to be much bigger than he turned out.

Marcus still retains hair texture and eye color and skin tone. You can play with facial hair if you like he is ly 17 years old. He can't help finding Michelle interesting since she isn't braggy and flaunting of her looks and infact seems to think she's ugly. He finds her over all atittude and honesty refreshing and annoying. They make an interesting pair have fun!

Moonlight and Romance by PhoenixdreamangelMSBPrincess Michelle 09 and 12 by PhoenixdreamangelMSBOnce Upon a Princess by PhoenixdreamangelMSB I am not completely in love with the way this turned out because I feel liek I might look too young. But then again this is me at 15 or 16 so I guess maybe I'm just being too critical.

The next character is a favorite of mine Isabelle Halliday has been with me since I was 17. I am writing a book about her called 'SinBorn Wings" which is going to be a trilogy series. In it Isabelle is a young woman who believes she is a human until her world is turned upside down. In my story the Elinsa is a form of the Angel on earth but they are more violent and not God oriented in their Goal. The Venor is the equivilant of a Demon without the Devil running things. Isabelle is a Christian and believes in one true God, so God is in this story and its a Christian story. Anyways Isabelle is a SinBorn which is half Elinsa and half Venor, and they are slaves and mistreated and murdered for fun. 

Isabelle's father is Hezack and is the king of the venor, and fell for Daniah who is really not that famous or important in the Elinsa courts and such. She is just a soldier and thats how they met. They truly fell in love its not just attraction. You will get the chance to draw the Father, as well as the Mother. Daniah is depicted but Hezack is just descirbed. 

Isabelle is strong willed, brave, smart, and sympathic. She has a big heart and cannot stand to see people hurt, and for a while after she finds out she feels she is a monster. Eventually she accepts herself, her powers increase, she is not the fastest or strongest with magic at first, or with her wings. But she is a hard worker and learns and practices. Isabelle does not bow to anyone and is very regal in her actions becasue she was 'born' to a noble family of humans who taught her the ways of a lady. She does believe strongly in God, and ends up making him the one the Sinborn people follow. As I said its Christian.

My Mother and My Sister and Me by PhoenixdreamangelMSBThis image is a 3 for one special. In it from left to right. "Daniah, Isabelle's mom, Isabelle, and Isabelle's blind sister, Hyacinth. 

To sum them up, Daniah is the mother of both girls. She is delicate in her mannerism, and not the best soldier in war but she fights as hard as she can. She has a heart of gold and wants nothing but the best for both Daughters. She is against the Sinborns being freed at first because she fears it will get Isabelle in trouble, and because she feels like she's been taught about them, they're slaves. Eventually Hyacinth convinces her otherwise and Daniah and Hyacinth join Isabelle's side in the battle. 

Hyacinth is blind but does not let it hinder her, she does lots of charity work, but is insecure about how others view her. She feels like they dismiss her because of her blindness. She tries hard to prove it wont' get in the way. There is a romatnic interest but I don't have information on him. He is however her servant/slave and a Sinborn.

Below is the description of Hezack Isabelle's father, 

I wish I had drawn him but I have not. Also is another profile of Isabelle's love interest Garreth he has now joined the contest ranks. 

Now onto other characters seperate from this story.

Artemis is next, she came out in a Harry Potter RP with a Friend who was writing Remus a werewolf. Out of the shadows stepped a mostly formed and formindable Artemis Demerchant. Her father was murdered by a werewolf, she's a slayer, int he HP she's also a part of the Order of the Phoenix has to work with Remus and they did eventually fall in love. In other stories its been a man who was a werewolf named Edwin. The story will remain that Artemis a werewolf slayer, but you can make up a love interest for her in this since Edwin is not my property. Remus can also be paired with her since its fanbased.

Artemis is brutal and driven, she is just hurt and uses her pain to fuel her urge for revenge. Artemis is more loving than she lets on around the other slayers in the clan she was raised by. They found her after her father's death and taught her how to hunt and kill the enemy. 

Autumn Leaves and Dreams by PhoenixdreamangelMSBThe Huntress Poster by PhoenixdreamangelMSB

The Huntress Game by PhoenixdreamangelMSB

Next is Acadia she is a unicorn, and one of my few baddies.

She turns human in looks to hunt down the ones who killed her family and took their horns. But in the mean time she's turned her heart of purity to poison with her anger and rage. She kills and maims people adnd has no real way of dealing with her grief for those lost. She has the potential for some good girl moments I am sure. 

A Unicorn's Grief by PhoenixdreamangelMSBWhy them? by PhoenixdreamangelMSB

This one is making it because I like her design. 

I don't know anything about the Centauress including name, except that she falls in love with a human.

The Centauress and The Prince by PhoenixdreamangelMSB

My Prince and Me by PhoenixdreamangelMSB

Andromeda is another cenaur I like she goes between these two forms I've shown in the past and I love both so I kind of left them alone. I don't know much about her either except she loves to run and is playful.

Andromeda the Centauress by PhoenixdreamangelMSBCentauress in the Woods by PhoenixdreamangelMSBFreedom of the Run by PhoenixdreamangelMSBTwo Rough Finals by PhoenixdreamangelMSB

Maudisa has a sweet spot for me, I love drawing her with natural backgrounds or in gorgeous yellow dresses. She has the most lovely posing, she's very sweet and kind, playful. She's also a bit stubborn, but mostly just aloof like a cat. She loves keeping her feet bare if possible. She has a himalyan style tale and ears. 

Autumn's Magic a day of Wonder by PhoenixdreamangelMSBBe Still My Heart 7 years later by PhoenixdreamangelMSB

Rapunzel is my own character and design. She loves fairies and violins and she loves to day dream on her balcony that over looks the sea. She was locked up by a witch, and her hair long due to the curse the witch put upon her as a child affter her parents stole her rare plant like in the story. Back when I designed her for some reason I thought I'd try doing a Gleane Keen look on her stomach. I hate it. I would LIKE to see her a little more plump she sits in a tower all day she's not going to be super skinny. She's not super huge either, just plumper around her stomach.

The Fairies and the Flowers by PhoenixdreamangelMSBA Dreamer's Song by PhoenixdreamangelMSB Rapunzel's DayDreaming by PhoenixdreamangelMSB

Riyya is a kitsune, and she's usually in human form. She is a genius, and has done alot of charity style things. She is naturally graceful, sweet and very kind. But she's not sugary. She's shy. She isn't bold and sexually out there. 

Riyya Wyse by PhoenixdreamangelMSBMasquerade of the Fox by PhoenixdreamangelMSB

Yesenia Izmet is the character that got me writing in the first place. She was my first character ever and shows up alot in the Aladdin series. She grew up in a city whose name that I cannot remember. They moved to Agrabah when she was a young girl because of a famin in their land. She has had several adventures and her path has crossed Destain and Mozenrath, and she even befriend and helps Malcho become a better person. Their friendship has been being written by my friend Richard and I. Its never been published, but I am thinking of putting it up at some point. 

Yesenia is mischevious, cunning, and a powerful mage/ sorceress, She is also sweet and kind hearted and tries to help people as best she can. I have even kind of wanted to draw her in a romantic way with Mozenrath I can't help it. Because she does bring out the best in him without him wanting her to. I just think they'd be cute and interesting and deep as a couple.

Yesenia later in her life moves on to India though to perfect her powers, she accidentally messes up a spell which changes her hair from Black and her eyes from Brown, She now has light medium brown hair, and grey blue/tinged with green eyes. She always tries to wear a cape. She usually wears outfits similiar to Princess Jasmine as far as the shirt that doesn't leave her belly hidden and a pair of pants the poof like hers. But the colors are different mostly a grey and purple marked cloak. 

Before accident My very first drawing of Yesenia 1998 by PhoenixdreamangelMSB       Yesenia by PhoenixdreamangelMSB After!


Dance of Fire by PhoenixdreamangelMSBA Gift of Friendship by PhoenixdreamangelMSB

Yesenia Izmet by PhoenixdreamangelMSB

Now this next character is named Madison but I call her Madi, she came out around the time of the princess and the frog by Disney. She is a ballerina. Its really all I can give you. I believe she is really driven and has a big passion for ballet.

Madison and the Nutcracker by PhoenixdreamangelMSB

A dream come true by PhoenixdreamangelMSB

Snow is Falling Madison by PhoenixdreamangelMSB

Kioyne Wu, she is spunky, funky and loves to have fun. She is not reserved like her family, and loves to sing. She later becomes a famous rocker. 

Kiyone Wu by PhoenixdreamangelMSB

Alina and Bubbles,

Alina is a playful mermaid who is a bit lonely. She has only a few friends and doesn't seem to have a family so far as I can tell. She meets up with Bubbles when the dolphin is caught in a net and saves her life. The two are fast friends and become like the family the others lost. 

Seas Of Hugs By Phoenixdreamangel-d52wqur by PhoenixdreamangelMSB

Dolphins and Mermaids friends forever by PhoenixdreamangelMSB

No name here, no atittude. I was in the hospital and a nurse came and she looked alot like this and i just drew the fairy. Her coworkers were in shock at the time it took me to get her perfect considering I met her for like five seconds. 

Have fun!

The Fairy of Autumn by PhoenixdreamangelMSB

Sometimes I just love to color random things and this is one I thought would be fun for the contest. She has no name, no attitude. You play around and have fun!

The Vermilion Mermaid by PhoenixdreamangelMSB

Another no name or atittude play it up be creative!

Finding the Past by PhoenixdreamangelMSB

It may seem strange that I have a few with no names or attitude but things come out on inspiration and sometimes it turns out cool and worth remembering!

So have fun with this contest!

So on 04/09/2015 at 11:59 pm (not the day before the 9th but the day the 9th ends before the 10th) that is the last moment an entery can be made.

I will keep refreshing this journal to keep you all up to date on characters changing like Rapunzel when I draw her again.

I will also keeping posting it new again to remind you of it.

On another note we already have like 3 entries! I am so happy! By the way you need to note me the link! Mention the contest, get others to join! Its gonna be fun!


Michelle Bowen

PS this is being done in celebration of my 10th year on Deviantart!

These are all my entries thus far!


ART TRADE: Somewhere Only We Know by johngreeko

Princess Michelle by Spacehollow


Alina (Eyes colored) by blessedout

Michelle's by blessedout


Michelle first sketch by Whytegriffin


Riyya Contest Entry by TDWendella


Hyacinth-for PhoenixdreamangelMSB by bri5636

So far seven entries to my contest! Please join in these are great entries and I"M excited!

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Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I draw and do digital and traditional pictures, and I am currently working on 2 books. I was for a while against selling my own work because I was concerned that it would cost me my license for creativity. But honestly now I believe that its not going to hurt me to do this. I also need all the extra money I can get to support my terminally ill mother.

I love writing, and drawing, and I even enjoy singing. I have fun in life and I try to help others out as much as I can. I don't need to be 'famous' to be successful or happy. This does not mean I don't have dreams or want to keep drawing and writing and even getting published. But you will find I am not focused on that.

To top it off I am also a Christian! I will be putting up more Bible art so if you love that then look at the gallery!

See you sooN!

Are you enjoying your summer? 

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